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Sep 26, 2012 7:30am EDT
will let the bush tax cuts expire for people making more than $500,000. we will fix medicare so we can negotiate to get were the prices -- better prices on prescription drugs. we will let the tax subsidies to the big five oil companies to expire. we then have to find by year end about $235 billion in savings over ten years. we can do that in the short or term -- >> moderator: on one point, do you believe everyone in virginia should pay something in federal income tax? cain cain well, everyone pays taxings. >> moderator: the federal income tax. kaine: i would be open to a proposal that would have some taxes for everyone, but many of the 47% that governor romney was going after pay a higher percentage of their income than taxes than he does. >> moderator: governor allen, this is the standard bearer of the republican party, the leader of the republican party as the nominee of your party for the presidency. again, he believes that that 47% belief -- believe that they are victims. do you share that vision of america in and what would you do as senator allen about the 47%? allen: the best in
Sep 25, 2012 6:00am EDT
there are lots of things that are important, medicare, medicaid, abortion, foods dance, taxing progressively the wealthy and so forth, and foreign affairs. those are the two partnerships so to speak. and on the issue of domestic manners, i don't know how you could be against the platform of the democratic party on those issues. if i can just alluded to something that bob and i agree too, you know, when i, we're going to get into that part of passed, the race or not? >> yeah, of course. >> when i announced that i was going to take on the issue of sending a message to the president in this special election, there were only two special elections in the whole country, congress, and my friends, political friends said you're crazy, it's not possible. i said it may not be possible but of going to try it anyway. so i announced that i was going to do what i could to make this a referendum, sending a message to the president. i'm a democrat, i subtract -- i expect to support them but i want him to know i disagree with the number of issues concerning the jewish community. >> you framed it
Sep 27, 2012 6:00am EDT
joint chiefs of staff general martin dempsey. >> first thing in our article here is getting medicare costs under control is the number one priority. and it's the most untouchable thing. but that is going to cause more trouble than any other problem we've got fiscally in the united states. getting medicare costs under control is the number one thing. >> you say we also surcharge smokers, and the o.b.'s for their medicare coverage. where did that idea come from? >> it came from us. i mean, i'm the person who put in the memo but i didn't have to fight very hard for it. also, i ran into this comp something iran and the "washington post," i call them mega fasces and i was -- [inaudible] for being insensitive in which a guess i probably am. but this is another thing where everybody knows to be true, and someone has to pay for it. i'm not saying you should bankrupt people who are too heavy but there should be penalties. i mean, i'm not really a democrat but i'm certainly a democrat compared to them, but you have to be responsible sometimes for your personal behavior. someone has got to pay
Oct 3, 2012 2:00am EDT
rising higher. look at the last 10 numbers -- 10 years of numbers through 2009 medicare would pay $130 billion extra had it gone toward the private insurance model because it has done a worse job to crown the increased cost of medicare. it is better at controlling health care cost but wait to until it drives down the cost. >> that is quality not quantity of procedures. . .a)i"aa! ah@>aoao%h$x 1p p!@)dk@!d) !@)cwa)i"aa! ah@>aoao%h$x 1p p!@)dk@!d) !@)cwa)i"aa! ah@>aoao%h$x 1p
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4